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Imagine a virtual building for your your entire organization; beauty for tourists, pamphlets for visitors, a doorman for the business interested; and limitless space for the floors, rooms, collaboration tools, folders and files your staff will use to push business ahead.

Imagine your administration, your people... and consider your ability to lead them all...

Once it is built, your people move in first.  You group them into their roles, so any group may be contacted using the group email feature.

The administrator(s) provide(s) staff with access to certain floors, rooms and files.

Within the walls of your portal, you can house all of your digital assets; and make them available to your people.

The perfect portal is the one that greets people at the door, invites them in, and then connects them to the people who will move business along.


And yes, we can make the building as pretty as you like.  Learn more

 one of our latest portals... Green Arbor Landscape, Nova Scotia

"Websites are created by web masters thereby creating a web "slave" culture. I am the Moses of IT, I set web slaves free." ~Gifford Watkins, B.Sc, MA

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"2016 is our 10th year in business. Thank you to all those who have taken 'care and control'"

Gifford Watkins, B.Sc., M.A.
Founder and CEO

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